The ION Operating Environment utilizes sophisticated, proprietary hardware components


ATOM Rear Plane

Partial ATOM rear plane


Series 4000 (4 RS 422 ports)

Also available:

Series 8000 ( 8 RS 422 ports)

Series 12000 (12 RS 422 ports)

Series 16000 (16 RS 422 ports)

MIDI is optional

Not shown:

LTC reader module

8 GPI I/O, keyboard port

monitor port, 2 COM ports



Programmable 96 GPI I/O

50 pin DSUB female connectors--45mm pin to pin wide Pin 1 = +5Vout, Pin 50 = GND

The maximum allowable current through each switch is 100mA.

The COM 2 port on ATOM communicates with the SERIAL IN connector on PHOTON.

Each input is optically isolated. Two pins are provided for each input. An input is activated by applying a positive voltage (nominally +5 volts) to the (+) pin relative to the (-) pin. Each output is an optically isolated electronic switch. Each output is SPST and normally OFF with approximately 30 ohms resistance when ON. They are bi-directional (i.e. they switch AC or DC voltages) and the two pins of each output are interchangeable. Inputs connect with Sequence Keys. Thus, any external switch closure can perform individual or macro functions within the Soundmaster ION Operating Environment. Uses include bias/record control and custom user interfaces.

Parallel Interface

This universal interface connects to an ATOM port via a standard 9 pin cable. A machine specific cable then connects to a 3324/3348/3348HR, A820/A827 etc. Time code (LTC) is separately routed to an ATOM LTC reader input.


SHUTL, a compact (5" X 8") keyboard can be used in conjunction with the color-coded ION PC keyboard, or on its own. An inherent shuttle knob can jog or shuttle various transports, and the 13 keys are all programmable as Sequence Keys. Up to 52 independent keystroke combinations, four levels of 13, can be accessed from one SHUTL.


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