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Motion and Device Control

In developing ION, we realized that to truly integrate the vast number of standards and technologies seamlessly would involve the development of proprietary hardware components. You might ask "Why?", when the world seems to be moving to controlled devices that have "built in synchronizers". The answer becomes clearer when we state that the majority of devices we synchronize (including the Tascam DA-88/Sony PCM-800) consistently lock in one to two seconds; and that we were able to deliver our clients the most sophisticated control available today over the DA-88 within two weeks of licensing Tascam's proprietary, and quite unique, serial protocol. These are just two of many examples of how our exclusive software/hardware gives ION unprecedented control, not only of devices, but in the approach we take to fully exploit technology to levels unparalleled in the industry. The facts demonstrate that ION is in a league of its own, and clearly far above systems that rely on controlling other manufacturers' utilitarian synchronizers.

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