Policy Statement Regarding ION Compatibility

The founders of Soundmaster Group are extremely proud of the reputation we have garnered having recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the creation of what is now known as Soundmaster ION, an acronym for Integrated Operations Nucleus®. We have been told by many clients that they have never before received the superior 24 hour support that we are famous for. In fact, the vast majority of the calls for help that we handle on a daily basis are not actually about Soundmaster, but rather about a device that we are integrating. Since our operating environment is now an industry standard, and plays such a central role in mission critical situations, we realize that fielding questions about devices that we integrate, and helping to troubleshoot their problems, comes with the territory. We are happy to help.

Recently, it has come to our attention that certain third party manufacturers are claiming that their products are ION Compatible, in that they can simultaneously "share" control and integration of a device that would normally be integrated solely via ION. Although it is not being made clear to prospective clients, this method would severely limit and directly inhibit powerful and fundamental functions within ION and materially diminish the value of the system. Moreover, the result of having more than one company attempt to simultaneously integrate the same device can only lead to unpredictable behaviour that is out of our control.

We take tremendous pride in supporting our product and, as we stated above, spend a great deal of time also supporting the products that we integrate. At the same time, it is crucial that we do not compromise the quality and integrity of that integration as a result of third party conflicts. We owe that to our clients. As a result, we will not support ION systems where third party manufacturers have been integrated as described herein and, because we have worked tirelessly to develop the reputation for excellence that we have achieved, we also reserve the right to decline any sale of new products to customers who plan such a third party integration. Please contact us if you require further information in this regard.

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