Video Editing

Tired of doing multiple passes and generations to edit 01:00:00:00 of an HD master to 01:00:00:00 of an SD downconversion?

Cut your time in half, save a generation and make your clients happy in a single pass using ION Eclipse 24/25/30!

Successfully used in major Hollywood facilities for over 20 years

One press of the "START HERE" button on this powerfully simple touch screen user interface guides the operator through a progressive sequence of steps to set up the edit. Machines are detected automatically, multiple recorders can be selected and the system prompts the operator every step of the way. When "REHEARSE" or "RECORD" are pressed, all machines involved in the edit are automatically brought online. We are proud to present a user interface that truly simplifies an exceptionally sophisticated behind the scenes process.

Eclipse 24/25/30 Touch Screen

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